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HT & TEAM CHASE RESULTS - 25th October 2020

Well done to every single competitor! If you have not placed and would like to know your time please message us.
If you have placed in a class - huge well done, if you did not collect your prizes, please let us know.
CLASS 1 - optimum time
Assisted, 1st Benji Mcgregor
2nd Isla Harvey
3rd Zara Nunn
Non assisted, 1st Olivia Betambeau
2nd Rebecca Castaldini
3rd Sarah Kingscott
4th Ruby Meridith
CLASS 2 optimum time = 38 sec
Class not split due to numbers
1st Charlie Turley 38.30
2nd Linda Campbell 37.00
3rd Jasper Hunter 39.36
4th Cath Snell 33.83
5th Grace Hodges 33.30
CLASS 3 optimum time = 38 secs
1st Rosie Moreton 35.01
2nd Isabella Buttgereit-Simpkin 42.20
3rd Saffron Friedmann 33.17
4th Mia Reglar 28.41
5th Ffion Davies Wigkey 23.90
1st Ella Harris 38.66
2nd Number 202 38.78
3rd Grace Mills 39.43
4th Zoe Cambridge 36.08
5th Cassie Room 40.17
CLASS 4 optimum time = 40.86
1st 17,18,19,20 39.19
2nd 67,68,69,70 45.06
3rd 111,112,113,114 39.80 (20 pens)
4th 55,56,57,58 38.5 (20 pens)
5th 94,95,96,200 37.83 (20 pens)
CLASS 5 optimum time = 31
Class not split due to numbers
1st Ella Harris 29.73
2nd Becca Hill 27.13
3rd Caitlin Mockler 25.50
4th Number 205 26.78 (20 pens)
5th Number 204 34.72 (40 pens)
CLASS 6 optimum time = 31
1st 40,41,88 37.37
2nd 26,27,28,29 26.40 (penalties)
3rd 107,108,109, 36 38.3 (penalties)

!!! New Important Information: Update 17/05/20 !!!

We will open again on Sunday 17th May 2020, however due to the current climate, please adhere to the following:

  1. Bookings will only be taken via TEXT, FACEBOOK MESSENGER or EMAIL.
  2. Once we receive your booking request, we will send our banking details + required reference for you to make payment. Payment must be received in full, in order for your booking to be accepted.
  3. Once your booking has been accepted, you will receive a 4-digit code for our gate which will allow your entry to Deer Park.
  4. The cost for booking Deer Park Cross Country Course is £25. We do not impose a time limit so sensible use of the car park is ESSENTIAL.
  5. Please do not arrive any earlier than 30 minutes before your booking slot to ensure the car park can adhere to social distancing rules. If there is already a lorry/trailer present, please leave at least 5 metres between yourselves.
  6. Please keep spectators to a minimum.
  7. All safety measures are the same and disclaimers will need to be completed on arrival.
  8. We will provide wipes and antibacterial spray/gel near our front gate. We advise EVERYONE to use on arrival and on departure.

2020 Dates Announced

Our dates announced for 2020:

23rd February - HT
19th April - HT

31st May - SJ & XC
30th August - Funride
25th October - HT


Excting things coming for 2019

Please keep a close eye on our Facebook page to be kept up to date with the very latest news.

SUNDAY 9th JUNE 2019 - Brian Babbage Memorial Show



MONDAY 22ND APRIL 2019  Easter Hunter Trial

24TH MARCH 2019 Spring Hunter Trial with new classes - see schedule for details




New website coming soon with the facility for daily online bookings.


2017 Events!

Dates for 2017 Events

We are all finished for this season, big thank you to everyone that comes to our events and to all the helpers that make our events possible.
Sadly this year we say goodbye to Lois Johnson our Events Manager who has run the events succesfully for the past 3 years. We wish her all the best and look forward to 2018.
Keep up to date with all the lastest news by liking our FB page.
We are open now until December, if you would like to come along for schooling please email or phone to book in.

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